[A] Fees and Deposits

A coach fee of $100 USD is required and payable at registration.

A refundable coach flag deposit of $50 USD is required and payable at registration.  This deposit will be refunded once the coach flag is returned at the end of the event.

[B] Liability Form

Coach’s Regatta Waiver and Release of Liability Form
Please read it carefully, list all the sailors you are coaching, sign it and bring with you to the on-site Registration!

[C] Charter Boats

We are continuing to source Coach Boats for the 2022 ILCA 6 Men’s/Women’s World Championship. To be put on the waiting list for a coach boat, please contact:

Alex Dyet   alex.dyet@gcysa.org 

If you would like to consider a shared boat that would be more economical and more environmentally friendly, Alex will gladly help with that as well.

We are also pleased to have Professional Boats offer Tornado ribs for charter!

For a coach boat charter please contact:
Rene Alvarez
Professional Boats
WhatsApp: +1-321-946-2572

ALL charters are dealt with on a first come, first served basis.

[D] The location of Marina Bay Harbour

  1. The map below shows the location of Marina Bay Harbour, where ALL coach boats shall be moored every night starting October 3

2. The map below shows the location of the cranes, public boat ramp and Marina Bay Harbour

  • For coaches who need to use a crane to launch their coach boats, Seabrook Shipyard has generously agreed to allow coaches to use the crane at their Dry Storage facility, and store their trailers there during the event, BUT YOUR COACH BOATS MUST BE KEPT AT MARINA BAY HARBOR.
    Please call Stephanie Langton at +1-713-724-8203 to arrange for this. If not, your trailer will be towed away. 
  • For coaches who just need a boat ramp to launch their boats, please use the public boat ramp as shown on the map. You must bring your trailer back to Marina Bay Harbor for storage.
    There is NO trailer storage at the public boat ramp.
  • All three of these locations are within sight of each other.

Marina Bay Harbor                            Seabrook Shipyard              Public Boat Ramp
323 West 6th                                        1900  Shipyard Dr                    123 East Shore Dr
Clear Lake Shores TX                           Seabrook TX                           Clear Lake Shores TX

3. The map below shows the general race area in relation to the club

4. Below is the liability waiver form the coaches will need to operate in and out of Marina Bay Harbour.
This form shall be signed and handed in when the coaches collect their coach boat flags and sign/return the event liability waiver form (section [B] above).

Support vessels and designated drivers shall be registered at the race office either before leaving the venue by water for the first time or by 18:00 on the day before the first race of a competitor that it is supporting, whichever is earlier.